RGB LED Digital Nixie Tube Clock

CHF 69.90

Introducing the "RGB LED Digital Nixie Tube Clock," a brilliant blend of modern technology and vintage-inspired design. Housed in a sturdy ABS plastic base, this timepiece is not just any regular clock. Its unique Nixie tube design offers a digital interface with a retro-cool aesthetic, making it an eye-catching decor piece for any room.

The clock comes with an acrylic display that beautifully showcases the vibrant and crisp RGB LED lights, which are not just pleasing to see, but also super easy to read due to the high contrast. Hence, even from a distance or angle, you won't miss a second.

Powering this gadget is a breeze with its Type-C power port that supports a DC 5V, either 1A or 2A. Please note that the product doesn't come with a plug, thus granting you the flexibility to use any convenient plug or power source you have available.


  • Material: ABS Plastic Base, Acrylic display
  • Power port: Type-C
  • Power: DC5V 1A or 2A (Plug is NOT included)
  • Product size: 268*69*79 mm
  • Product weight: 589g

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Jaiden Doyle

Oh ~ This is a complete thing. That's incredibly nice.
I like it so much.

Kamille Mueller

Excellent, quality packaging.
Everything works.
Somewhat confusing management.

The delivery is fast, thanks to the seller!

Bonita Kreiger

It's really the best product!! It's so pretty and luxurious!! Time is also accurate!! Second purchase!!! Home and office

Yvette Gusikowski

Price/price ratio is good ~ ^ ^ strongly recommended

Lucy King

All right.

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