Ergonomic Lumbar Massage Board

CHF 18.00

Size: One size fits all

Material: ABS+ memory material

Applicable Scene: Suitable for fitness equipment, sports protective gear accessories, sports trends, and health massage.

Product Category: Lumbar massage board

Scope of Application: Cervical vertebrae, Lumbar vertebrae, Legs, Foot, Hand


  • Made of environmentally friendly ABS material
  • Characteristics:
    1. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic ABS raw materials
    2. Resistant to falling, impact-resistant, and flexible
    3. Strong anti-corrosion ability, no reaction with acid and alkali


  1. Effective Point Massage: Equipped with 10 magnetic points and 96 plastic pins for deep acupuncture massage, helping to activate natural therapeutic responses and improve blood circulation, relieving back pain, spine pain, and muscle pain effectively.

  2. Adjustable Stretch: Ergonomic design with three adjustable settings, allowing you to customize the stretch level for maximum comfort and pain relief. Just 5 minutes a day can significantly improve your quality of life.

  3. Powerful Functions:

    • Restores healthy waist curve
    • Relieves muscle pain in the waist and back
    • Corrects sitting posture, helping you say goodbye to hunchback and better withstand the pressures of your career or lifestyle.
  4. Lightweight & Sturdy: Constructed with environmentally friendly ABS and Nbr materials, ensuring a harmless and safe experience. This lower back support can withstand up to 100kgs/220lbs without deformation, suitable for use at home, office chairs, gym, or during yoga practice.

  5. Perfect Gift: Ideal gift for relatives and friends who seek relief from back pain and want to improve their overall well-being.

Packing List:

  • 1x Back Massager

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